Super Sentai Review: LupinRanger VS PatRanger Episode 46

"An Inescapable Game" Kairi and the others are visiting the shrine to celebrate the New Yeat. A red safe-headed Porderman appears and trapped the thieves in a game show. Meanwhile, Keiichiro shows his discovery to the other members of GSPO and trying to convince that the thieves are indeed the Jurer trio. Still, Sakuya is... Continue Reading →


Super Sentai Review: LupinRanger VS PatRanger Episode 45

"Looking Forward to Christmas" Sakuya visited the kindergarten and was invited to the children's Christmas party. Thinking this can help his seniors to cheer up after learning the truth about the disguise used by the Ganglers. He seek help to the staff of the Jurer's and Noel. They started to go shopping for things to... Continue Reading →

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 15-16 Review

"Back to 2068" "Forever King 2018" Tsukuyomi starts to wonder why Sougo is obsessed of being a king. Sougo starts to tell about the dreams he continuously having. Suddenly, something similar to that dream started happening. Giant mechas are descending from the sky. From out of nowhere, someone known as Kasshin arrived from the future... Continue Reading →

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 9-10 Review

"Genm Master 2016" + "Hawk, Tiger, Grasshopper 2010" Uhr found a candidate that has the great desire of becoming a ruler just like Sougo. So much desire that this candidate is purely corrupted when he obtained the power. He publicly demonstrates his power and his ambition even scaring the people. The candidate is none other... Continue Reading →

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